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Evelyn hat auch einen Blog

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Evelyn, unsere erste Teilnehmerin von 2009, blogt unter [1] über sich selber,
den KiliMAN 2009 und ihr Training. Sie hat zwei Slogans:
„Lebe! Liebe! Tu es!“ und „Blut, Schweiß & Tränen“. Man kann also gespannt sein!
Ich bevorzuge definitiv Liebe ohne Tränen.

Evelyn schrieb uns:

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to announce the official launch of my Live! Love! Do! Blog. I have created this space in preparation for the 2009 Kili[Man]jaro Challenge which I will be participating in.
The current information you will find is:
About Me
Kili[Man]jaro 2009
Training … Blood, sweat & tears!

A Sponsor section will also be available very soon, so keep watching the space! If you are interested to receive a monthly notification of my progress, please respond to this message or contact me on [2] [email protected] for any information or inquiries regarding the Challenge. Thank you to everyone who looks forward to share this incredible journey with me as I push through my own comfort zone, test my limitations and find my inspiration!

Evelyn Broodryk

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