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22 February - 27 February: CLIMB

Situated south of the equator - in Tanzania - at 19.340 feet (5.895 m), this is Africa's highest mountain and the highest "free standing" mountain in the world. Spectacular views and beautiful ice formations are the reward for the successful trekker, as well as the satisfaction of conquering this mighty peak. The standard route is a hike - no climbing as such.

The hike to the summit of Kilimanjaro (5895 m) is NOT a race. The dangers of high speed ascent to such altitude are immense, and we have no intention of risking your lives (it is also against Tanzanian National Parks Policy on the usage of the Mountain). Our professional Mountain Crew, as well as the route taken and the extra night on the mountain to acclimitise, should ensure a good success rate, so that all participants should be able to compete in the following bike and running sections.

The summit will test you to your limits, mentally as well as physically. The main problems encountered are altitude sickness and lack of oxygen. It is very cold, correct kit is a must. All your supplies (limit 10 kg) and camping equipment are carried up for you and your meals are prepared.

One of the secrets of success is slow ascent - going slowly will be a challenge for you! The Machame Route we have chosen is a hike - no climbing as such. The route is very scenic, and allows good time to acclimatize.
Participants 2009
Participants 2009

Day Camp
Height/m Height/m
22.02. Machame Camp 2.980
23.02. Shira 3.840 3.840
24.02. Barranco 3.950 3.950
25.02. Barafu
4.450 4.450
26.02. Uhuru Peak
5.895 5.895
26.02. Mweka Camp
3.100 3.100
27.02. Mweka Gate 1.800 1.800

28 February - 1 March: MOUNTAIN BIKE MARATHON

We go around Kilimanjaro against the clock in two days (98 km, 92 km) and pass mostly rough roads with many stones and dusty parts. Some sections are very steep and the heat and burning sun is an additional challenge. In comparison with other mountain bike marathons the distance is long, especially the second day but the cumulative height is not great. Over the whole tour the main impressive peaks Kibo, Mawenzi or Mt. Meru dominate the landscape.

The bikers can use their own bikes or rent from us for 30USD/Day (Scott). We support the bikers with 4-wheel vehicles and motorbikes range between the bikers. Detailed GPS maps of every section and a road book will be given to the participants. The bikers are responsible for the maintenance of their bikes. The vehicles can carry the repair kits of the bikers. The danger of puncture is high; especially acacia thorns may cause it.

Food stations with water, bananas, cookies etc. will be set up along the route; every day one stations. Overnight in huts in Rongai with hot shower and all meals will be supplied.

The driving time of both sections is summarized.

Kiliman Adventure Challenge - KiliCircle - Kilimanjaro

Highest point/m
Lowest point/m
Cumulative ascent Cumulative descent Estimated period/h Starting time
28.02 98 2014 774 1773
606 6-8
01.03 92 2092 852 1071 2239 6-8 7.30


Start and finish is a stadium in the small town Moshi. The route goes the first 20 km mostly flat through the town. The next 10 km go uphill outside the town on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. The difference of height in this section is 600 m. After the turning point the road goes downhill directly to the stadium. You run through an urban area with farms and if the weather is clear the view on Kilimanjaro is marvelous. All 4 km water-points are in service and the road is monitored by marshals. Starting time is 6.00.

Further details on the Kilimanjaro Marathon, which is open for people who do not take part in the KiliMAN Challenge, are to be found on the website

From the previous bike results, participant and organizers will know who "is in the running" for the title. It is anticipated that the KiliMAN can be declared at the stadium. We will provide a hospitality tent.

Please pay attention to the rules of KiliMAN and the conditions of contract.