Hi Chris I’m here! Hello to George, Katie and Mike. I live in Devon so not far from you. Bet we’re having better weather than you…not! So much for the summer :( doesn’t help when you need the heat to train in! Good luck for your Kili I’m only doing mine in 2011. I’ve got some marathons planned for next year, Snowdan being one of them and also planning on doing plenty of walking in Snowdan and Dartmoor, which is just round the corner. As for the cycling I’m looking at doing the Dartmoor Classic next year. I haven’t decided whether to do the 100k or 100miler yet. Not really a cyclist so it’ll be a first! Trying to get some mates together so we can raise some funds for charity. Let us know what training you’re doing and any events your planning on doing. Keep in touch.



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    Guten Abend, Tanja! The same “excuse me” about this entry. It was for 2 month silent in the web space and still alive! In the meantime I did also my first bike race in my life: 50km Karwendelrundfahrt (600 high meters). It was so great that I missed the finish and added 6km more…finaly asking people in a village where the finish is. I had even forgotten the name of the small finish town…but I was in front of a group of friends, thats why this happend.

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