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  Please pay attention to the rules and conditions of contract.


Rules of the Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge 2014

1. General

1.1. The Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge is an event of extreme sport. All participants must have knowledge about all disciplines, be trained and must be healthy. With the signature under the registration form the participants affirm this.

1.2. The Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge is organized by Chagga Tours LTD, Tanzania. Referees from Chagga Tours are the responsible leaders,which decide about protests. Race Director is Lothar Dotzek from Germany.

1.3. The limit of participants is 60 for the KiliMAN. We will not operate KiliMAN 2014 if we have until 30 October 2023 less than 12 registered participants. The Kilimanjaro Marathon is an open event.

1.4. All participants have to have travel insurance with transport back to their home country, medical and liability insurance. With the signature under the registration form the participants affirm this.

1.5. After registration the participants gets a contract from Chagga Tours LTD and after signing the contract the participant has to pay USD 500 as deposit. The registration is valid if the deposit has arrived.

1.6. The whole starting cost is to be paid until 30 October 2013.

1.7. Cancellation policy: A full refund less a service fee of USD 100.00 will be returned if written notice is received prior to November 17, 2013. 60% of the registration fee will be refunded if written notice is received prior to December 17, 2013. No Refund is available less than 30 days prior to the start of the race.

1.8. If Chagga Tours LTD is cancelling the event the starting costs resp. the deposit will be returned.

2. Entry condition

2.1. The competition is open to persons 21 years and older, which made a registration, affirmed this rules and have paid the start costs. Last day for registration is 09 December 2013. After October 30, 2023 the whole starting fee is to be paid with the registration without deposit.

3. Competition


3.1. Before the start of every section of the competition it is a mandatory to join the briefing, during which the participants get information about the conditions of every part, including possible dangers.

3.2. There are three participants’ categories, men, women and teams.

3.3. Winner in the category is the man, woman or team with the best combined time of the biking and marathon sections, which was on the top of Uhuru Peak on 26.02.2014, between 0.00 and 12.00 a.m. on the climb section arranged by KiliMAN. He/she gets the title “KiliMAN 2014”.


3.4. If someone gets ill or cannot complete the hike , because of any reason, especially altitude sickness, a licensed mountain guide will give the recommendation of cancellation or continuing. There are two referees with the group which accept the recommendation and confirm or reject it. The judgment of the referees is final.


3.5. The participants can bring their own mountain bikes or rent one and are responsible for maintenance and fixing. Tools of the participants can be transported in one of the cars. At the start in Moshi and Rongai bike maintenance companies deliver service (local standard) for payment.

3.6. Helmets are mandatory on the cycle section. Sun protection is vital. Sun glasses are recommended and a first aid kit. We carry a first aid kit in every car.

3.7. Every participant gets his starting number on the steering wheel on the cycle section. It is not allowed to remove the starting numbers. The starting number is also identification for the accomodation in Rongai.

3.8. The participants are not allowed to change mountain bikes. No mobile seconding of any description will be allowed on the route. Bikers are allowed seconding within a distance of 200 meters either side of the official refreshment station.

3.9. The lining up for the start is 20 minutes before the start with no hierarchy. All participants get the same starting time, so that the winner of every segment is this one who comes first in the finish. The start is closed 10 minutes after the official starting time.

3.10. The cycle route goes over streets and urban trails, which are not closed for the race. These are used by cars and other bikes etc. Vehicles drive on the left.

3.11. Slow bikes have to make place for faster bikers. All have to drive carefully and respect other road users.

3.12. Timekeeping is manual.

3.13. The road is secured by guards. Detailed GPS-tracks of each section and a road book will be given to each participant. A GPS appliance is mandatory. If the biker goes wrong and has no GPS appliance he is responsible for his lost.

3.14. On every day one refreshment stations are set up on the road and water, bananas, cookies etc will be provided.

3.15. The race is closed 3 p.m. on every day. At this time all bikers has to be in the finish or to use a car of Chagga Tours. Who does not attend the order to stop and use a car will be charged with all costs following from this refusal.


3.15. The marathon is being run under the auspices of the Tanzanian Amateur Athletics Association TAAA and the IAAF rules will govern this event.

3.16. The marathon is an autonomous event and the participants of the Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge are joining it.

3.17. On the marathon section an official marathon number has to be worn on the front of the vest. It is not allowed to remove the starting numbers.